Your Online Payment Partner for Europe

Europe Payment Solutions provides multinational eCommerce and mCommerce merchants with the simplest, most economical and effective way to get paid in Europe



Solid hosted infrastructure

Our world class hosted infrastructure ensures secure and continuous availability

Easy single integration

One easy single integration gives you access to pan-European payment methods and gateway functionality

European Payment Capability

Millions of consumers across Europe can pay you in their local country and currency.

Support Registering A Local Entity

We understand Europe and can help you get registered and compliant in the region rapidly, effectively and economically

No communication problems

Our qualified and experienced people on the ground are well connected, understand the local customs and can help you understand the territory

Rapid time-to-cash

Our streamlined process and payment solutions are designed for you to be open for business and generating revenue rapidly.

We have more than 18 years' experience with online payments in Europe.


We currently offer these simple ways for you to get paid in Europe

Your payment page on the Internet where your customers key in their payment details on a secure page hosted by Europe Payment Solutions.

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LekkaPayHost is for sophisticated users that can manage high end development. A single integration combining PayXML and LekkaPayWeb gives you complete control over your customer experience.

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Europe-centric With Worldwide Acquiring Capability

Although Europe is our main focus for multinational eCommerce and mCommerce companies, we also have links to more than 70 banks and payment methods worldwide. Please make contact if you are a multinational company looking to expand to expand to Africa