Europe Payment Solutions is a member of the RCM Payments Group Limited, providing a one-stop-shop for multinational merchants looking to sell and get paid online by consumers across Europe.

With rock solid and dependable hosting and processing in the Amazon Cloud, more than 20 years experience with online payments in Europe and globally, and links to more than 70 banks worldwide, Europe Payment Solutions is an easy choice for global eCommerce merchants.

Providing excellent support in securing optimal banking relationships and navigating the EU legal and compliance requirements.

Europe Payment Solutions bridges the gap for multinational eCommerce merchants entering the European market.

A single easy integration, reliably secure in the Amazon cloud, acquiring and repatriation of funds, everything taken care of.

Contact our experienced team to find out how to get your acquiring across Europe sorted now.

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Europe Payment Solutions provides multinational eCommerce and mCommerce merchants with a simple, economical and effective way to get paid online by European consumers. Via a world class gateway infrastructure. Payment in the country and currency of their choice. With solid partners and relationships on the ground in-territory. And optimal repatriation of funds to the merchant home country.


  • Western Europe has 64% share of total European e-commerce turnover for 2020
  • Fastest growing countries in Europe: Greece (77%), Moldova (49%), Russia (41%), Switzerland (37%), North Macedonia (37%), Sweden (36%)
  • Countries with the most eCommerce shoppers: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden
  • Top eCommerce categories: Clothing; Streaming and download services; Home and garden products; Food deliveries; Printed media; Electronic goods
  • eCommerce traffic grew by 13% in 2020 and 8% in 2021
  • Thanks to 2021 European eCommerce Report for the above insights